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2011 Holidays*


Jan 1 - New Year's Day

Jan 17 - Martin Luther King Day

Feb 21 - President's Day

Mar 7 - National Heroes & Benefactors Day

Apr 22 - Good Friday

Apr 25 - Easter Monday

May 2 - Belize Labour Day

May 23 - Sovereign's Day

May 30 - Memorial Day

Jul 4 - U.S. Independence

Sep 5 - U.S. Labor Day

Sep 10 - Battle of St. George's Caye Day

Sep 21 - Belize Independence

Oct 10 - Pan American Day

Nov 11 - Veteran's Day

Nov 19 - Garifuna Settlement Day

Nov 25 - Thanksgiving Day

Dec 26 - Christmas Day

Dec 27 - Boxing Day


*The Consulate of Belize in Los Angeles will be closed on the dates indicated above in observance of American and Belizean holidays. 

If a holiday falls on a Saturday, the Consulate will be closed the preceding Friday. 

If the holiday falls on a Sunday, the Consulate will be closed the following Monday.





The Consulate of Belize Resource Bank Project is an association serving as a ‘resource bank’ for Belizeans and others committed to enhancing and improving the lives of Belizeans living in Belize and Southern California. The CBRBP’s goal is to assist individuals, businesses, and other not-for-profit organizations interested in improving the quality of life of Belizeans and others “through a network of service agencies and programs…” (1)

The Mission

The mission of the Consulate of Belize Resource Bank Project is to provide resources, people, equipment and materials through a network of services and programs that will enable Belizeans at home and in Southern California to participate fully in improving the quality of life in their respective communities.

The Organization

CBRBP was founded in 2008 as resource bank projects seeking to positively impact the lives of Belizeans and others at every possible level. The task forces will provide access to resources, develop networks and provide a platform through which citizens of Belize, Belizeans living in the United States and others may voice their opinions and concerns and fully participate in civic life.

The members of the resource bank projects will keep its clients “appraised of legislative activities and to help us affect outcomes,” (1) raise funds for those in need, propagate Belizean arts and culture, and keep the world informed of the positive impact and influence of Belizeans on their respective communities.


CBRBP “provides a variety of services to its communities including: the scheduling and coordination of a number of activities and events.” (1) These events include, but are not limited to: health care services, monthly presentations by content experts, meetings for information sharing, a quarterly newsletter, blogs, email campaigns as well as special information bulletins, a yearly conference and seminar, an annual awards banquet (1) and emergency preparedness activities, “opportunities for self-sufficiency activities for “at risk youth.,” (1) and tackling the needs of women, low income communities and leadership training for young adults.

Primary Objectives

1. Improve the quality of life (eliminate poverty and disease) of Belizeans in Belize and Southern California.

2. To provide networks through which Belizeans may assist Belizeans living in Southern California and in Belize.

3. Establish a network of resources willing to donate their services.

4. Provide a network for the investment of economic opportunities in Belize and in Belizean communities of Southern California.

5. Provide a platform by which Belizeans and others in Southern California can participate in civic life and engage in the democratic process.

6. Acquire resources for start-up and operational expenses from donation.

7. Promote multiculturalism in Belize and Southern California. 

8. Promote active community participation.

9. Establishment of a Belizeans Living Abroad Database System.


Organizational Summary

The key principals of the resource bank projects will be appointed by the consulate and the honorary vice-consul on the recommendation of the Belizean community and others. The key principals will be proven leaders in their respective fields or endeavors.

The task force chairpersons will head the following resource bank projects:

·       Education and Technology

·       Women’s Issues

·       Inter-Governmental Relations

·       Belizean Youth Volunteers

·       Procurement & Emergency Preparedness

·       Business Development (Investments)

·       Arts/Culture/Entertainment

·       Legislation and Lobbying

·       HealthCare Professionals

·       Belizean Retirees

·       Solicitation/Fundraising and Public Relations

·       Sister Cities

·       Sports and Recreation

·       Immigration and Citizenship


*Other task forces may be created as needed or when necessary including ad hoc committees.


Activities and Events

1.  Public Forums

2.  Legislative Information Sharing.

3.  Annual Awards Banquet.

4.  Belizean Fashion Show.

5.  Annual Task Force Chairpersons Retreat.

6. Belizean Health Fair and participation in Health related seminars, conferences and forums.

7.  Belizean Cultural Center of Los Angeles.

8.  Association of Belizean High School Graduates/University Graduates.

9.  Career Day and Job Fair.

10. Belizean Products and Arts Fair (Garifuna Drums, Mayan Dresses, Paintings, Vacations.)     

11. Concerts, Plays and Arts Exhibitions.

12. Sports Awards Night/Past and Present.

12. Investment Forum/Micro Funding

Other Projects

  • Historical Documents Collection and Display

  • Economic and Trade Fair

  • Cooperative Investments

  • Education Partnerships

  • Arts & Culture

  • Sister Cities

  • Disaster Relief

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